Whatever Works
Whatever Works
...or doesn't!
Welcome to the webpage supporting the Whatever Works Community and fortnightly Podcast.

Ted Salmon and Aidan Bell meet up every couple of weeks to natter about Whatever Works in our lives and in the lives of the community members!

Whatever Works MeWe Group - Come and Join us!
Ted Salmon
Aidan Bell

The Podcasts
Enjoy and give us feedback if you have feedback - or if you want to join us on a show! Please note the episode titles are hyperlinked to the show downloads, just click and play or grab 'til your heart's content!

Latest Shows in MP3 Format
Show 123 - Swiss Play-Doh! - Friday 30th October 2020
Show 124 - Whatever Works, Works! - Friday 13th November 2020
Show 125 - The Silicon Nipple! - Friday 27th November 2020
Show 126 - Planet Spaced Out! - Friday 11th December 2020
Show 127 - Yuletide Beans and Bread! - Friday 25th December 2020 (with a Special Message from Santa!)
Show 128 - Playing Chicken! - Friday 8th January 2021
Show 129 - The Upper Class Hermit! - Friday 22nd January 2021
Show 130 - The Plucky Pianist! - Friday 5th February 2021
Show 131 - Scalloped Netherhose! - Friday 19th February 2021

The Archives

The Whatever Works Shows in MP3 Audio Format
January 2016 - to October 2020 - 1 to 123

The Show Notes (ongoing) with Links (some older links may no longer be active)
January 2016 - April 2019 (Show 1-79)
April 2019 - Latest (Show 80 - Latest)

Better Before (now rolled into Whatever Works)
The Seven Shows in MP3 Audio Format from autumn 2020 (no Show Notes)

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